Bringing straight from the hills of Kashmir Walnut Kernels, the key to live healthy, is the most asked for product of our offered range since Elanza Exports supply the finest quality of Walnut. Being one of the trusted exporters of Walnut Kernels, we are offering them with exception natural sheen, color, and grains. Walnut Kernels include 72.4 per cent heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat, shown to reduce the levels of LDL or bad-cholesterol. Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein, fiber, vitamins, magnesium and anti-oxidants.
We are one of the progressive exporters of Indian walnuts & walnut kernels and we always have kind co-operation in having good, honest & everlasting business relationship with our esteemed customers.

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Product Description


Walnuts are the richest plant source of protein. Kashmiri Walnuts are famous all over the world. We, at Elanza,, collect the best quality Walnuts from all over Kashmir and then the Walnuts undergo the processes of Washing, Grading, Cracking, Quality Check, and Packaging. Walnuts can be classified into three categories based on the thickness of their outer shell: Burzil, Kagzi, and Wont.


  • Washing : We wash the walnuts manually in water, rather than sulphuric acid to protect the kernels from damage. We keep some of best graded walnuts unwashed to crack them and get their kernels.
  • Grading : After washing, walnuts are graded into three different qualities i.e. super walnuts (32mm), special walnuts (28mm) and number one walnuts (26mm).
  • Cracking : After washing and grading, some of walnuts are kept unwashed and then cracked to get their kernels. The walnut kernels are also graded into six different categories i.e. Extra Light Halves, Light Halves,Light Quarters, Light Broken, Light Amber Halves and Light Amber Broken
  • Quality Check : After every above mentioned step, walnuts and their kernels are sent to the quality control division where our skilled and dedicated food- technologists check the quality and further send it to packaging division.
  • Packaging : We have a packaging division where all the products are packed in a way that their freshness and nutrition remain preserved. Walnuts are packed into 10kg and 20 kg cardboard boxes whereas walnut kernels are packed by way of vacuum to maintain its quality and freshness. It’s packed in to 250gm, 500gm, 1kg and for exports in 5kg packs.


Health Benefits:

Improved cardiovascular health, Reduced cholestrol, Anti cancer properties, Prevent aging, Lower risk of blood pressure, Skin glorification



Parameters Per 100gm
Food Energy 687kcal
Carbohydrate 11.0g
Protiens 15.6g
Minerals 1.8g
Fat (Ethu Extract) 64.5g
Calcium 100mg
Fibre 2.6g
Iron 4.8mg
Phosphorus 308mg
Thiamine 0.45mg
Vitamine E 10.01U
Nicotinic Acid 1.6mg


Packing & Loadability

5 Kgs of Walnut Kernels is vacuum packed

Such 2 vacuum pack put in a carton

1000 cartons loaded in a20 feet container

Totally 10 MT loaded in a 20 feet FCL

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