Jute is a vegetable based fiber plant, next in Cotton in General  use of Fabric. Jute merges with the soil after sustained use. In turn, it enriches the soil with organic substance and helps to grow better crops. Jute is a seasonal agricultural commodity product widely grown in India. It is produced mainly in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura and Meghalaya. Raw jute crop is an important cash crop for the farmers. Cultivation of raw jute crop provides not only fiber, which has industrial use but also jute stick which is an important fuel to the farming community

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Product Description

Fresh Jute Bags  is an inexpensive bag made of hessian usually formed from jute or other natural fibers. These bags are traditionally used for transporting grains,coco beans, nuts, potatoes and other agricultural products..They are considered to be environmentally friendly. High breath-ability allows air to pass through them, which helps packaged grains or other agricultural commodities to stay fresh

At Elanza Exports, we deal in hessian bags, double warp bags, jute webbing, jute bags, jute ground cover and soil savers owing to the large demand of these products.

Categories and Specification of Jute Sacks

single jute bag

Binnola 44″ X 26.5″   2.00 lbs
B.Twill  44″ X 26.5″ 2.25 lbs
L.Twill   44″ X 26.5″ 2.50 lbs
A.Twill  44″ X 26.5″ 2.62 lbs
Sacking Cloth    22″ X 30″  11-24 ozs
Corn Sack 41″ X 31 “ 1.75 – 2.15 lbs
Cement Bag 29″ X 20 “ 1.25 lbs
Coffee Bag 36″ X 28″   2.00 lbs
Grain Sack 60″ X 30 “   3.25 lbs
Sugar Bag 48″ X 28″   2.50 lbs

Plain & Twill available in Sacking Cloth
As per buyer’s requirement, Untreated coffee bags available.


Double Warp Bags

double warp bag

Heavy Cess 43″ X 29″ 2.50 lbs
Light Cess 43″ X 29″ 2.25 lbs
D.W. Flour Bag 58″ X 28″ 2.25 lbs
D.W. Salt Bag 45″ X 26.5″ 1.75 lbs
D.W. Nitrate Bag 35″ X 26 “ 1.25 lbs

Packing :-

300 Pc/Bag in Each Bale wrapped with iron strips tightly.

Such 72 bales loaded in 20 feet container / 102 bales in a 40 feet container

Totally 21600 Pc/Bag in a 20 feet container / 30600 Pc/Bag in a 40 feet container

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